Wish You A Happy New Year

Law Chun Hui-Chien, Vientiane, began updating. We are about to bid farewell to a great job of 2013, ushered in the promise of 2014, the occasion of the spring is coming, to the efforts of all the staff of our company for enterprise and hard work, Chinese and foreign customers for the company's sincere trust and deep gratitude to the warm support! wish you all in the new year, amiability invites propitiousness kangtai, physical health, family and good luck!

Innovation achievement future! change innovation, knowledge is the long vertical glass factory, anqiu road to the future. In current, change innovation is perfect company governance structure, established and perfect level clear, and responsibility clear of three a level of management system, increased incentive efforts, implementation Enterprise recycling and process innovation, in management efforts and management style Shang achieved breakthrough; know line one is for different of level, in management Shang strict, and in business Shang carefully realistic, and in technology Shang master core, real do strategy reasonable, and organization efficient, and system perfect, and process smooth, personnel capable.

Opportunity and challenge with glory and dream coexistence!