Mechanical Properties Of Glass Fiber

If not specified, we are often discussed and static loads

Mechanical properties of fibers and resins, such as elastic modulus: I, ultimate strength, etc.

As we all know, glass strength is relatively low, the tensile strength is about

6$ MPa (700 kg/anti-m) and the laboratory of glass fiber strength

Up to 7250 MPA (740Q. Kg/cm, and this is due to the glass fiber only

Very small cross-sectional area, it was flawed (such as micro-cracks) likely to block

Material is much smaller, so the fibers in the direction of its length high strength materials

Table 21, I enumerated a variety of glass fiber with a: comparison of steel, knife-glass

Fibers are alkali-free fiber, good heat resistance and write good electrical insulation, s glass red fibers are high-strength

High elastic fibers, ... Alkali glass fiber is fiber, a fiber glass is alkali-fiber.

Fiber strength to tensile strength test of Ji Huang, calculated according to the magnitude of the tensile force

Tensile strength, in accordance with the definition of fiber cross-sectional area can be calculated: glass persuaded fibers with a: performance comparison of pan.