GRP Tanks-the Credit After Sale, The National Service

FRP tanks are widely used at present, are our motivation; in hot pursuit of members of FRP tanks, du we do is an affirmation of FRP tanks industry personnel. Now, we in FRP tank this one develop a good market, a steady stream of customers. In situations like this, we know our mission. Long vertical FRP, FRP tanks are bigger and stronger we mission.

Although it already has a lot of very good quality of FRP tanks. However, now there is a glass jar of hydrochloric acid in the production of technical problems. So, this is the long vertical fiberglass, we next need to continuously upgrade. Now, in some of the companies with foreign production of FRP-related cooperation has taken place, are often technical exchanges with them. Therefore, we will continue to introduce new technologies, FRP tanks can do better.

Secondly, with regard to material issue now. Now in China, in this piece of polymer composites and because technology is not mature enough, the prices are higher. We will also do our best to overcome this difficulty. Production of high quality, low price of FRP tanks is our pursuit.