FRP Tank How To Correctly Release?

FRP tank properly release determines the shape of FRP tanks is damaged. If it is not a proper release, may cause the glass jar or failed in the final production. So, you know how FRP tanks release is right for you? We give a detailed answer for you:

First of all, you should be according to the design drawings in FRP tanks offer a population, then construction personnel through the hole into which removed all the support ring.

Subsequently, the concentric shaft inside the crane should be used to separate the FRP tanks. If horizontal glass tank will put it up, then put the concentric shaft slowly out from the glass jar. Not too big, not too fast, so as not to damage of FRP tank.

Finally, when installing FRP tank accessories, must be careful to avoid interface of FRP tanks partly affected by the damage, resulting in leakage of glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks. FRP tanks in a greenhouse to be fully cured, and then to FRP tanks delivered to the user's hands.