FRP tank utilities

Applies to industrial enterprises and institutions, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and other public facilities. As water, fire water of life, as well as of high quality food, medicine, sanitation and other necessary water storage facilities.

Square FRP tanks, is SMC moulded veneer and sealing materials, fasteners and metal piping system assembled from. As the original water tank needs to be updated without rebuilding housing, into molded veneer to the door Assembly, practical performance, and brings great convenience to the design and construction department. According to user needs in whole different tonnage tanks.

Square FRP tanks, new water tank is widely used now. Their unique properties and complete solutions for concrete water tank weight, easy to penetrate, and so on. The water tank to the "75" key scientific and technological projects are included in the State Science and Technology Commission in 1990 focused on the promotion of new product projects. Leak-free, light weight, high quality, nice appearance, long life and easy to install and so on.

At present, the product has been in the Asian Games project, used in many major projects, such as the TV Center building, quality has reached the international advanced level. Square FRP tanks veneer specifications: 500*500mm800*800mm1000*1000mm can be assembled into arbitrarily high of 1-1500 tons and above-ground tanks.